Scared Of Being Single

Someone I know recently came out of a long term relationship. It had been on the rocks for a while and they finally ended it a few weeks ago. They’re back dating again and meeting up with people already.

In my demographic, young people seem to be scared of being single. The Tinder and Instagram culture means that people feel pressured to put their edited/filtered “best bits” online. We feel valued by the number of likes and swipes we get.

The whole concept of swiping “Yes” or “No” based on someone’s appearance and attractiveness is objectifying.

The culture seems to be telling us that we’re somehow inferior if we’re not in a relationship. I don’t blame the housemate for trying to move on from a poor relationship. But instead of rushing into another or having “re-bounds” with others, perhaps it would be helpful to take some time to reflect and think about why the previous relationship ended:

What was good about it?

Why did it end that way?

Was there something I could’ve done better?

How can I change in future relationships?

What qualities do I want/not want to have in the next relationship?

Instead of filling the emptiness created by the end of a relationship with potentially meaningless flings, maybe we could question the sexualised Western culture.

How do we participate in this culture? How do we change our attidudes and behaviour to it?