Bike Helmets

A friend of mine is a nurse and a very conscientious person. They’re known to be the “mother” of their group and are always looking out for their friends, fussing over them in a kind and loving way.

However, the other day they told me they went out for a bike ride without a helmet. I asked them why because it seemed like a dangerous choice for someone normally so aware of risk in their work.

They said they’d never worn one and explained that where they’re from, no-one wears a bike helmet when riding.

We need to be aware of the culture in which we live. Just because this is the way something has always been done, it doesn’t mean it’s the best or right way.

It wasn’t always a law to have to wear a seatbelt.

We need to constantly stop and reflect on the culture in which we’re participating. 

“Is this a good/the right/safest/best way?”

As humans we seem to be wired to rationalise irrational decisions.

What was the last thing that made you stop and think about the culture you participate in?