It’s so easy to wear a mask for the people around us – our family, friends, loved ones, work colleagues, people we serve.

We pretend everything is fine and fill our days with busyness to try and fill the hole we feel inside.

I’ve wrote about Being A Professional before. This is important in our work. We have people to serve and just because we don’t feel like it, we still have to do our work.

But that doesn’t mean we have to pretend everything is fine. We don’t have to pretend we don’t have feelings. We can put on a brave face and serve others, but we must give ourselves permission to feel.

People can see through our masks.

Maybe we don’t have to wear a mask to do our best work. Maybe it’s by showing others we are human – we struggle, we suffer, we find it hard but still do it because we love and serve others – that we can make a difference.