FOMO In Lockdown

During the past few weeks, a lot of the things we take for granted have been away from us.

At the start of lockdown, we might’ve felt like we had ample “free” time to do what we liked. We may have taken that opportunity to do something creative or new, investing that time in ourselves or others. Or we may have chosen to rest, to take stock and reflect.

It seemed like FOMO had disappeared because there was nothing to miss out on.

But the “normal” of lockdown grew old pretty quick. Soon we were eager for more. We grew restless with the relaxing of restrictions and yearned for what we were missing.

FOMO was back, but in a new way. Now we want a “new normal” and a return to some of our old freedoms. It’s almost as if we want something to miss out on again.

Have you felt FOMO during lockdown?

HT to this Hello Monday Podcast for the idea