Spoilt For Choice

In the past, there was a set number of careers to go into. There was a limited number of people we would meet and probably end up living with. There was one local store with limited stock. There was one brand of ketchup at the store and we made do with it.

Now we go to the supermarket and see 50 different brands of ketchup. It’s more or less the same, but made to appear different – better value for money, a better flavour.

We’re spoilt for choice and it paralyses us. It prevents us from making decisions. We worry that if we choose one thing or go down one path, we’ll find that sooner or later there is actually a better option. We jump between careers, partners, brands because another one comes along that gives off the illusion of “better”.

If we’re always on the lookout for more, the next or latest thing, we’ll never settle. The perfect “Better Option” will elude us.

Do you find yourself always looking for a better option?