A Long Hard Look

“To look is an act of choice” – John Berger

It’s hard to look at those we disagree with; those we don’t see eye to eye with and those whose words or behaviour we see as abhorrent. 

But as John Berger writes, to look at Another is a choice. We can turn away from those we see as different and marginalise them.

Or we can choose to look with compassion and love.

We can look hard, even when its difficult, and listen. Because if we never try to see past the outer appearance, words or behaviour of those we don’t consider “one of us”, we will never build bridges and move beyond our separateness.

We have to choose to look with love. To look at others as sisters and brothers – created beings with inherent dignity, despite their words and actions.

When we do this looking and listening, we will begin to see where they are coming from. We can dialogue and share our differences. Only by seeing eye to eye will we be able to move forward and learn together.