Solace In Nature

Something that helped me greatly throughout the period of UK lockdown were the government approved daily walks. During the early days, the set time and distance was limiting and difficult, but being able to escape into the woods near my house was a relief.

I was able to find some solace in nature, whilst life had been drastically interrupted. In nature, we can be grounded. I remember a particular walk when I stopped in the woods and spent some time looking at the trees.

How long had they been here?

What storms had they weathered?

How many generations had they seen pass through these woods?

How much had changed in their lifetime?

Whilst there were times in lockdown when the pandemic felt like there was no end in sight, I was lucky enough to find solace in nature. Not everyone may have had that opportunity, especially those living in inner cities. But nature has seen it all. Nature witnesses the passing of time and the temporariness of things we think last forever.

Have you been able to find solace in nature of the past few months? If not, where do you plan to go first, when you can travel to the countryside/mountains/forest?