Changing Our Minds

Why do we criticise people for changing their minds?

When others change their minds, we shouldn’t put them down for it. I see it on social media and hear it in conversations.

“Why’ve you changed your mind?”

“You weren’t saying that before!”

This is something we all need to do more. We need to have the humility to speak up and say: “I’ve changed my mind because I was wrong or because I wasn’t informed”.

We don’t have all the information, experience or knowledge. We can’t always be right, despite what our ego tries to tell us. Sometimes we’re wrong. And it’s hard to admit that.

It’s okay to change our minds. To change our opinions is to have educated ourselves and listened to others.

I think the people criticise others for changing their opinions because they have a hard time admitting when they themselves are wrong.

When was a time you admitted that you’d changed your mind?