House Viewings

One of my friends lives in a house where only a couple of the tenants make an effort to keep it clean and tidy. The rest leave it a mess. This frustrates the “tidy” members of the house. They tidy up after the others because they don’t want the stress of living in a dirty house. However, it’s led the others to get into the habit of allowing others to clean up after them.

Last week, the house had a viewing. Short notice from the landlord meant they had less than half an hour to give it a deep clean. It was amazing how quickly and efficiently everyone worked when under pressure to make the house look nice.

After the viewing, the house had never looked so clean and tidy. It had taken great effort to get it back to looking its best, but now there was a choice: let the house go back to its previous state or do the daily work of keeping it clean.

Easy to do, easy not to do.

Maintenance is easy. It’s much easier than the effort we have to put in to clean what we’ve allowed to get “messy” in our lives.

The small, daily effort we put in counts. We may not always be able to see the fruit of this work in the short term. But the long term, compound effect adds up to so much more than infrequent bursts of effort.

We make things better by choosing every day to make small, helpful, contributions.