“Chunk It”

A trick my parents taught me, for when I’m stressed, is to “chunk” the size of a task down into manageable pieces.

I’ll give an example. At first glance, the number of exams I have to revise and study for might seem like too much to manage. I get overwhelned by the thought of a huge task that lies ahead.

Yet, when we take a second look, and see the task for the number of parts that make it up, it isn’t so bad.

“One exam this week – not too bad.”

“Two the week after – that’ll take more work”

“Three more the following week – but I have five days in between to work at them”

I’ve used this strategy throughout my life at exam time, but I think I need to implement it more into other areas of my life. 

When we take a step back and look at things rationally, we can see that we can manage tasks by breaking them into smaller parts. Working towards them and ticking them off.

Before I know it, my exams are over and the fear about them was a lot worse than the actual work that I had to put it to do them.

But once we have chunked our work, we still need the discipline to do it.

Is there are task or project that you need to “chunk” this week?