The Inbox Is Your Home

I was listening to a podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert as the guest and thought I’d share some of her wisdom on Saying No.

Elizabeth treats her email inbox like her home – if a stranger is there without permission, she’ll delete the email immediately. She says you don’t owe them a polite response because they’re not meant to be there.

However, she does have a go-to respone to politely decline requests: “Thank you so much. I’m really honored that you invited me to this, but I’m not going to be able to do this at this time“.

She also discussed giving reasons when Saying No and explained how this can lead to manipulation.

If you provide really specific reasons for why you can’t do it and you elaborate, you’ve just created a potential negotiation

Is there someone you need to Say No to today?

Adapted from this episode of the Tim Ferriss Show.