The Dryer

A friend of mine lives in a house of student nurses. When signing for a new uni house, they thought they would have both a washing machine and a dryer. It turns out they don’t. The landlord is yet to respond to their emails to resolve the issue of drying their uniforms after every shift.

Coincidentally, my friend was out walking last week and saw a dryer outside someone’s house with a sign that read: “free dryer. 12 years old and in working condition. Please take.”

They couldn’t believe their luck. After knocking on the house and checking with the owner, my friend and their housemates loaded the dryer into the back of their car and took it home. The wet uniform problem was solved.

Acts of generosity like this change the world. The owners of the dryer clearly no longer had use for it. They had bought a new one and could’ve taken the old one to the tip. Yet, they had the insight that this old machine, could be new to someone.

One person’s rubbish can be another person’s treasure.

There are not many things in this world that come for free. But gratitude and generosity are abundant if we cultivate them. And they spread when we share them.

What can you give freely and generously to others this week?