Lend Your Ear

I was talking with a friend recently who has just gone through a difficult break-up. I was quite close to the couple and the news came as a shock. I’ve felt a number of emotions myself about how the situation played out and thought about it a lot. I’ve felt confusion, anger, frustration – I’ve no idea the pain the two people must be experiencing themselves.

I wanted to give one of the two some advice. They were telling about how they hope they will stay in touch and stay good friends in the near future.

But as they came back after a few days at home and told me how they’re feeling. I was overcome by the urge to just be still and listen. They were appreciative of someone to talk to. They just needed someone to listen to get their thoughts and feelings off their chest. They didn’t need advice – perhaps there will be a time for that later.

But for now, in that moment, I just needed to be present and listen.

I can get so caught up in what I think and want to say sometimes that I forget that people just want to be seen, heard and listened to. They want to know that someone cares and is willing to hear them out.

Has there been an opportunity for you this week to just listen to someone?