One Whole Heart

“A thousand half-loves must be forsaken to take one whole heart home.” — Rumi

Love is the goal. We long to be in relationship. In relationship with others, with the world and our Creator.

At uni, it seems to me that many people are seaching for relationship and they for it look in all sorts of places. Sadly, it appears to take many “half-loves” for us to realise that a culture of cheap, fake love is not necessary. True Love is a not a fling, a one-night stand or something casual. Maybe it’s to will the good of another. Maybe it’s the complete giving of oneself to Another. A striving to constantly grow in Love, through self-emptying and trying to walk with the journey of life with others.

It’s a journey. It may take a lifetime, but Love is the goal. Perhaps Rumi is right in saying it’s worth the struggle to take just one heart home.