Putting Life In Perspective

My Grandad turned 93 back in April. He’s witnessed a fair few things during his long life and this global pandemic might be one of the strangest. He joked that he would be 94 before it’s safe for him to out again. My grandparents, like many other vulnerable people who are “shielding”, haven’t been “out” properly for six months. They haven’t been shopping. They haven’t been to a cafe. They haven’t been the doctors for their regular appointments.

Six months. I don’t know how I would cope with that.

I was telling this to a friend and their 93-year-old Grandma told them a similar thing: if the government try and make her stay indoors for the next few months, she’ll go out anyway. She would rather be happy and enjoy herself, risking catching the virus, than spend the next 6 months stuck inside, alone and miserable. She says she could die at any time of natural causes anyway.

This really put life in perspective for me. I wonder if you get to a certain age and stop worrying about certain things in life?

I was going to say “the little things”, but one’s health isn’t exactly a “little thing”. However, compromising your happiness and spending potentially a precious few months of your life miserable, may be just as dangerous to your health and mental well-being. 

I’m not trying to dismiss the risk of Covid-19. I don’t know the answer to this question. But it has made me think about what I worry about.

What are some things that you always find yourself worrying about?