Ignorance Or Arrogance?

A few weeks ago, I was out for a walk and came across a group of lads by a local lake. There was a very large number of them; young teenagers sharing smokes and drinks.

It surprised me how ignorant they appeared to be of the global pandemic. As I walked past them, I wondered what was behind their decision to meet up. Was it ignorance? Peer pressure? FOMO?

It almost seems like we need to be personally impacted by the pandemic to realise the severity of it. I’ve been lucky that none of my close family have been affected by the disease and I know I’ve felt quite distant from the situation at times. 

Maybe these lads have seen the facts and figures on the news and think the virus isn’t affecting them in their area or age group. Maybe they’re oblivious to it. Or maybe they’re afraid, but don’t dare tell the rest of their peer group that they’re scared.

It’s about the stories we tell. And unless any of those lads have a story about Covid-19 affecting one of their loved ones, it’s unlikely they’ll have the guts to say: this huge group gathering is wrong. That it’s a danger to ourselves and those we live go back home and live with.

What’s the story you’re telling about this time of global pandemic?