Something I don’t like about myself is my tendency to gossip and complain about others.

The director of the retreat centre I used to work at had one rule above all others: “No bitching”

In a team of volunteers, who lived and worked together 24/7, it would be the bitching and gossiping that had the potential to kill our team spirit.

It happened at times throughout the year and we all knew it. We would need a team meeting to outed and resolve the issues. It seems drastic, but it was an effective way of nipping the toxicity in the bud.

Whispers behind people’s backs, falling silent when a certain person walks in the room, dividing up into cliques. It’s poisonous to friendships and spreads easily. People may be seething underneath for weeks, but instead of speaking out and addressing the problem early, gossping sets in like a virus and multiplies.

We all have to be aware of our words and the culture of talking about others in our friendships, relationships, work, schools and groups.