A Day Off?

When was the last time you had a day off?

What does a day off look like for you?

Today is the August Bank Holiday in England and Wales. Throughout lockdown it might’ve seemed at times like many days have been Bank Holidays for some of us.

I think it’s crucial that we rest. We need to take time to reflect, recharge our batteries and retreat.

But is this the same thing as stopping?

Over the past week or so I’ve struggled writing. I’d say I “stopped” doing it for a few days, rather than rested from it. I broke the habit and going back to try and write again is difficult.

It got more difficult by the day. 

There was always an excuse, something I could do instead of sitting down and simply writing.

But writing does bring me joy and I stopped. I broke the “easy” daily habit and it was hard to start again. It’s the same difficulty we find when we break our (New Year’s) resolutions to exercise, eat healthier, read or meditate more.

Is there a habit you’ve broken recently? Was it a good one or bad?

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