“Three Truths”

When he appeared on the Tim Ferriss Show, Ken Burns shared what he calls his “Three Things”. He describes them modestly, but one of his daughters calls them his “Three Truths”. He says they are the three things he tries to live by. I thought they were worth sharing with you. In his own words, they are the following:

  • “This will pass – all things are transitory
  • Get help from others
  • Be kind to yourself”

They really struck me because I think on most days, we see the truth in them all around us. They are difficult to live out, but I think they are a pretty good mantra to live by. It’s not easy to distill life down into simple things. Life is complex. Life is mysterious. Life is painful. “We don’t know what’s around the corner”, as my mum likes to say. But I was moved by Ken Burns’ thoughts on this.

What do you think of his “Three Truths”?