I’ve been thinking about books recently, after reading the Librarian of Auschwitz. It’s an incredible story about the courage of a young girl, Dita Kraus, and her resolve to manage what was the world’s smallest library.

Books shape us. They are time machines, as Dita says in the novel. We may remember books from our childhood where we got lost in the stories, with the characters and the magical, created worlds.

We want to learn. At the moment, I want to read books that tackle issues and make me think in a new way. To move me to a new place. They don’t have to be non-fiction to do that.

This post about our time and life, on the blog of Wait But Why also got me thinking. Tim Urban, the writer, is 34 and predicts that, since he reads about five books a year, he’ll only read about another 300 books in his lifetime. 

That doesn’t seem like a lot when there’s a world of knowledge and stories to learn about. Obviously, depending on your age and how much/fast you read, that total may vary somewhat. But it’s not many books. Time is ticking.

Tim Ferriss also asks the majority of his podcast guests, what books they recommend and give to others. I think this is always a great question.

What will be the next book you read? If you could only read and share one book, what would it be?

What books do you recommend to others?