Polishing Glass

One of my window cleaning nightmares is when the soap suds immediately run off the glass as soon as I start cleaning. This tells me that some type of product has already been used on the glass that “kills” the soap. 

Often, it’s a type of polish and it’s used by over-enthusiastic cleaners at schools and other buildings where the front windows need to look impressive.

This is the first glass that visitors see when they arrive. We all want to make a good first impression.

However, this simple lack of understanding about window cleaning often results in the glass looking smeared. Often, there are obvious marks where a rag has been used to try and polish up the glass and it ends up looking worse.

This simple mistake tells us about our desire to look good and make good first impressions. We can end up trying too hard and doing the wrong thing.

How do you try and make a good first impression?