Start As You Mean To Go On?

The other week, I was working with my Dad and our day got off to a terrible start.

We were cleaning inside a customer’s house and by accident, we managed to pull down the curtain rail above their bay windows.

Not a great start.

We left the job a little deflated. Both because of how long it took and because we probably hadn’t earnt anything, given that we would have to pay for a new curtain rail. We went to the next job, only to find that we could only do half of the clean because the owner hadn’t left a key to access the back of the property.

Yet again, not great.

It was 11am and we hadn’t properly got going that morning. We had barely earned any money. My Dad and I ended up laughing hysterically about the situation.

Right then, we had a choice. Would we let this false start dictate the mood for the rest of the day? I have to admit, I was a little fed up after the curtain saga and felt like going home after the disastrous start.

But we didn’t need to allow two minor set backs to shape the rest of the day. We had a choice to let it get us down and be negative for the rest of the day.

Or we could choose to laugh at ourselves and make the most of the rest of the day.

In the end, we did some great work in the afternoon and had a good laugh. At least now we had a story to tell!

Each day we have a choice. We have a choice how we react to what happens to us. Only we can control our response. And there lies our freedom.

How will you start the day today? Will it dictate the rest of it?