The other week, I tried to give myself a haircut and it went badly wrong. It went wrong because I didn’t have the tools for hair cutting (like I thought I did), but rather a beard trimming kit.

This meant the dream skin fade that I wanted wasn’t possible and I was instead left with a line across the back of my head that looked like the equator.

I’m glad I’ve managed to get a good story out of it because the haircut wasn’t at all good. It was comical and that’s my responsibility. I’ve not been willing to pay for a haircut or risk going to a barbers’ during the pandemic. I was certain I had the correct tools, but I didn’t.

Not having the right tools meant I wasn’t prepared for the job. 

If we’re not prepared and don’t have the right tools, how can we expect to do a good job, let alone great work?

We must put in the time to prepare. We must hone our skills and obtain the tools we need to do great work.

Has there ever been a time when you weren’t prepared?