New Hobbies

I’ve recently been gifted a bike and have taken it back to uni with me.

I’ve not really been into cycling since I was a child and not ridden a bike for many years, apart from the occasional day trip with friends.

But this new bike seems to have sparked something in me. I’m excited about riding it and reading about cycling – whether that be bike maintenance, safety, planning routes. These are perhaps not the most thrilling things to the neutral, but when you’re passionate about something, everything becomes exciting.

Cycling seems to be a new hobby for me and it’s been a wonderful feeling discover something new. I’ve not played sport as such since being at school, so to discover a new one (albeit individual) is exciting.

We need things to motivate us and be passionate about. They can give us a new lease of life that we might not have experienced in a while.

When was the last time you started a new hobby? Is there one you want to start? What’s holding you back from it?

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