Check Before You Go

I recently took my new bike in for a service. In the week following the service, a few problems started to occur.

I got ready for a ride on the Friday, excited because I’d discovered a new local route. I got out my bike and gave it a quick check over before setting off.

I was alarmed to find that the front break wasn’t working properly. I tested it out and there was a definite problem with it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t resolve it that day, as it was getting late, and I had plans for the evening. My planned cycle was spoilt and I was left feeling a little deflated, to say the least! In the end, I went for a run to burn off my frustration about not being able to ride.

There was a lesson here. It only takes a short time, literally a couple of minutes, to check over a bike, car, or even a blog post before it’s posted. In the case of the bike, the check and preparation probably saved me from a certain accident. A typo in a blog post is less dangerous, but just as important to avoid!

Doing the hard work of preparation will help us in the long run. In the short term, it’s easy to get lazy and stop doing the checks and preparation. But this thinking could cause a great deal of harm, pain or mistakes.

Is there something up in your life you need to prepare for?

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