The Small Things

One thing I’ve learnt from this time, experiencing a global pandemic, is to appreciate the small things in life.

At the turn of the year, I wouldn’t have thought it would be illegal (at times) or very difficult to meet a group of friends for a coffee, pint or a picnic.

Last year at uni, I enjoyed cooking group dinners and having my mates around for the evening. It was a wonderful way of bringing my friends from first year, housemates or friends from home together.

Right now, that’s not possible. It’s hard because it feels like I’m missing out on something that brought me and my friends great joy.

Yet, I’m sure I will have the opportunity to have group dinners again in the future. Perhaps, not for a while, but I trust the last time won’t be the “last time”. That would be irrational and unreasonable, despite the current situation making it seem that way.

It takes effort to appreciate these small things we once took for granted. We have been forced to look again on our lives and how we go about them.

I hope this is perspective we can all take away from this time once it’s over. There is alway an opportunity to Practise Gratitude if we look for it.

What are the small things you’ve come to appreciate?

HT to DP for this conversation.

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