Small Weddings

Recently, I’ve been reading about people who have got married under lockdown restrictions.   

I imagine with a limit of 30 guests, it must have been stressful to pick who would made the cut. Plus, making sure all the arrangements were in line with the Covid-19 guidelines must have added even more stress.

But the more I’ve thought about it, perhaps cutting back on weddings, is also a way back to what’s essential.

It seems that a limited capacity and limit on what we can and can’t have strips things back to what weddings are about – two people committing their lives and their futures to each other, so they become one.

I think with many things, not just weddings, we can get caught up in the trimmings or the “extra” and forget what matters. I’m yet to be involved in the planning of a wedding, but I imagine it’s easy to get caught up in colour schemes, whether there’s a free bar or chocolate fountain and forget to make time for the people (and person!) that matters most on that day.

Has there been something recently that has taken back to what’s essential? What things are “trimmings” in your life?