Different Ways Of Giving

We all give to others in different ways: emotionally, our time, our hospitality, financially, etc.

The way we give ourselves is unique. We all have our limits and shouldn’t compare how much we give with others. Depending on circumstance, people may be able to give more or less than us and that’s okay. In comparing ourselves, we create unnecessary pain and tension.

We must give what we can, when we can and how we can.

It is the giving of ourselves that’s important, not the amount.

Yes, we should strive to give more when we can, if it’s possible. And our limits and the “amounts” we give will evolve over time.

But we can’t expect others to give in the same way we do. What we see as giving may look entirely different to someone else.

When we begin to compare, the gift of giving begins to lose its value. It is no longer a free gift, but measured, manipulated.

How do you give yourself to others?