Competitive Drivers

When I’m travelling on the motorway, it always amazes me how competitive lorry drivers can be.

The back of their trucks tell me they’re limited to certain speeds. Depending on the weight they’re carrying, it also must be difficult to accelerate and massively increase their stopping distances. I certainly wouldn’t want to drive a lorry and imagine it’s a tiring, but important job.

Yet, I often see truckers hogging lanes and overtaking each other. They often only overtake the lorry in front and cause more congestion in the middle and outer lanes for the effort. It’s pointless. Sometimes, I’ve seen them not even bother indicating that they’ll overtake.

It’s a demonstration of status and power:

“I’m faster than you.”

“I’m a better driver than you.”

The underlying message?

“I’m more important.”

In reality, they’re not going to get to their destination much quicker than the lorry they overtook. But it’s not about that. That’s not the thought process. It’s about status. Our competitiveness can blind us.

In what ways do you demonstrate your status? Have you witnessed displays of “power” recently?