The Customer Is Always Right?

Last Sunday, I took my bike down to a local repair shop. I had booked an appointment two weeks prior because they were very busy and couldn’t get me in any sooner. I rang on the day before to check the time of my appointment and was told to bring it in first thing in the morning.

I went to the workshop, only to discover that my slot had been taken. I would have to wait another week for a service. I was very disappointed. I explained how I had already forked out nearly £100 on a previous service which had only resulted in more problems.

It was upsetting to be rudely spoken to by someone who dismissed what I said. I couldn’t just “sort it out with the guys who did the previous job” because I’d moved back up North to uni and wouldn’t be going home until Christmas (if Boris Johnson allows!).

Unfortunately for the shop, I will be taking my bike and my money somewhere else next time.

It’s sad because in this time of global pandemic, I’m trying to make an effort to support local businesses like this bike shop. The market is more competitive than ever, yet poor customer service is never acceptable. It’s more costly than ever.

The way the market works is that the customer is always right. They have a “right” to be treated as if they were the most important customer of the day. Businesses seek to serve the customer, not turn them away.

I wanted to support this business. If they’d done a good job on the bike and served me well, I would go tell the Others.

When have you experienced good customer service? How did it make you feel?

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