Too Much Time?

I’ve written before about creating or making time. I often feel feel like I’ve not got enough time in the day to do that I want to.

But I’ve been reflecting on this lately and found that I do in fact have enough time in the day. Like everyone else, I get 24 hours. A chunk of that it taken up by sleeping, eating, drinking and our basic human needs.

But I think my problem is a matter of perspective on the day. I’ve tried getting up early to give myself more time in the day – I still feel like I’ve not done enough or done all I wanted to do.

I’ve also tried sleeping more, so I pressure myself into having less time, in an effort to motivate me to get moving quicker. But this tends to stress me out and I end up rushing through my day, always feeling like I’m playing catch up on lost time.

Can we have too much time on our hands?

I know I work better when I have a routine and I have accountability. It’s good when I have appointments I need to show up for. It forces me to not waste time. When I feel like I’ve got plenty of time on my hands, I can waste it faffing around – keeping “busy” but not actually doing the work that matters.

Do you feel like you have lots or little time in the day? Do you get done all you want to?