Patiently Waiting

The other week, I wrote about appreciating the Small Things in life and how that’s a challenge we must live out everyday.

Right now, we have to be patient because we can’t do everything we used to. As I wrote previously, I really miss cooking group dinners for my friends (and now I’ve moved back to uni, my family too). It’s not as simple as inviting friends from different households around, when my city has stricter lockdown restrictions, and it’s illegal to mix households.   

I see anger directed at students for arguably contributing to the spike in Covid-19 cases in Britain. At the same time, students were also encouraged to move back to uni by universities and the government – to not defer their applications and sign their accomodation contracts.

It’s a hard balance. The blame lies with everyone. We’re all responsible for our own behaviour and our own communication. Students, universities and the government have all been irresponsible and vague at times.

Yet, we have a tendency to think in the short term. We feel like we won’t be sat in a full lecture hall again and be able to give classes properly. We feel like this might be “the last house/flat party” we have for a while.

When in fact, if we were better at long-term thinking, we would see that this is irrational. I’ll be able to cook for a group of friends again at some point in the future. House parties will take place safely and so will “Present in Person” university. 

But not yet.

And that means we need to be patient waiting for things to get better. And that responsibility lies with everyone.

Is there somewhere in your life where you need to be patient?