You Don’t Know What I Know

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that others don’t know what we do. The narrative in their head probably tells them something else. We don’t see what they see. They experience the world differently.

Yet, we often think everyone has the same information we do. Not everyones is informed. We’re all informed about different things. That’s what makes us interesting. But when we forget this in our conversations, we can become condescending and impatient with others.

We see this in schools, at the doctors, in most institutions. There are always people who have more knowledge. There will be people that know more than us and others that know less.

The good teacher is the one who is patient and recognises this in the classroom. She sees those who needs challenging work to keep them interested and engaged. She also knows with other students she has to be more patient or maybe explains things more than once.

When we forget this, we have unrealistic expectations of others. We’re here to learn. We’re also here to challenge and be challenged. We’re here to bring others up.

How will you teach someone else this week? Whose story will you listen to today?