Time Isn’t Effort

Time and effort aren’t linked. Just because we put a lot of time into something doesn’t necessarily mean we’re putting a lot of effort in. It depends what we do with that time.

Do we use it creatively?

Or do we waste it?

Every person has their own methods, strategies and ways of working. What works for someone might not work for others. For me studying languages at uni, I work better on my own; in a quiet room with no music and little noise. Then I can concentrate, watch videos or maybe practise speaking via Skype with a native speaker.

But that is dependent on my learning style and what I’m studying. Other language students might do it differently. Chemistry students would work differently again. Personally, I find it distracting to study in a coffee shop or the uni library, for example. Other people thrive working in these spaces.

It’s unhelpful to compare how much time we spend on something with others. Time spent is not the same as Creative Hours.

What matters is that we’re moving forward in our work; we’re learning, changing, growing. 

If we think simply “putting in the time” will make a difference we are mistaken. The time needs to be fruitful and creative.

How do you work most effectively?