Something I really struggle with (and think many people do) is sufficiency.

Am I good enough?

Have I done enough?

The truth is, there’s always more to be done. There’s more things we could do. There’s more time we could have spent, been more present, kind and loving to certain people.

I’m not sure we’ll ever feel good enough if we’re always comparing ourselves to others – those we feel are “better” than us or “have it all together”.

The reality is that they probably also struggle with sufficiency. They also have things that keep them up at night. They will feel like it’s all a show, hoping others won’t see through their disguise.

We’re all wearing masks. And that’s okay, as long as we don’t start believing that the masks are who we truly are.

There is a deeper reality and Self we must strive to uncover – that we are Good. That we are already Good Enough. That we matter. That we’re loved. That who we are and what we have to do here on this Earth is important. 

We all have a unique contribution to give. What will yours be?