Don’t Work More, Don’t work Less, Work Differently

In this time of great upheaval and change, the way we go about our work has had to be re-evaluated. We can no longer just carry on the way we did before in many areas of our lives.

We can fall into the trap of thinking that because our normal way of working has changed drastically, we have to work more to catch up. We might think we have to work longer hours, quicker and in fear that we’re falling behind.

Or we might feel like working less (or not at all) because we feel apathetic about what’s going on around us. We might’ve been so consumed by our work previously, that we forgot to make time for what really matters in our lives.

Both perspectives are probably both right and wrong. We need to find a Third Way.

Employers love buzzwords like the ability to ‘adapt’ and ‘be flexible’, but perhaps that’s what we need to do right now.

We might need to change the way we go about our lives and our work. This is a daily challenge and means daily changes until we grow into a new way of working.

We are changing each day. And we all have the chance to change the world and make things better.

How have you found yourself working differently over the last few months?

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