The Road To Sainthood

On All Saint’s Day this year (which was yesterday), I heard a sermon about how we’re all on a journey to be better people.

The priest said we are all called to be Saints. Not just a select few people who lived a certain way, hundreds of years ago. But all of us.

Whether we are religious or not, there is something in this for all of us. We all want to strive to be better people: to love more, to be kinder, to be more generous, charitable, humble, joyful.

I think a lot about comparisons and its dangers. But instead of looking at our role models with jealousy and in a negative light, we can look at them as people we aspire to be more like.

We can look at these people (our Everyday Saints) and say: “I want to be more like that.”

These people are our living examples who show us the way to Goodness. This is not something only a select few can achieve.

We need good comparisons. We can recognise a part of ourselves in our role models and strive to live out the better parts of ourselves.

Who is an Everyday Saint for you? Who inspires you to be better and points you in the direction of Goodness?