Passionate Teachers

If a teacher is just in the classroom because it’s their job, it’s an obligation or they’re just there to earn a salary, people notice. Kids pick it up even quicker.

If a teacher has a burning desire to share what they’re passionate about, to help others learn and grow, people say: “I want some of this. I’m going to listen to them. I want to learn.”

The teacher brings the energy and passion. That energy can be infectious and when it’s felt in the classroom, it’s easier to bring others up to the next level.


Because the students realise that you love what you teach and that you want to impart that knowledge to them.

Teaching doesn’t just go on inside the classroom, the school or the educational institution. They’re just buildings.

Teaching (and importantly, learning, not education) happens everywhere people are engaged and enrolled in the journey to level up and improve.

What are you passionate about? How will you bring and share your passion with those around you this week?