Humbling Work

Last weekend, I had a lot of uni work to do. I knew that I would have to spend a fair amount of time working to catch up for next week. I had my days planned out and would have to keep to a strict schedule to get it all done.

But instead on Saturday, I was asked to help out in the garden and lend a hand with some DIY.

From thinking I would be spending the day sat at my desk, in front a computer screen, I instead spent hours outside in the fresh air doing some manual labour.

It felt good to be outside in the cold. And it felt good to help.

Sometimes, I think it’s good to give up what we want to do and help others.

My help was very much appreciated. But in fact, I appreciated more the time spent outside doing something I wouldn’t normally do. Sometimes, I think I need to sacrifice my ‘all important’ schedule and ‘busy’ day to do something for others.

It reminded me that actually, as important as my uni work is, what matters is what we do with our days to help others.

How can you give up your time to help someone today?