Making The Best Of What You Have

Last weekend, I wanted to cook a Catalan recipe that I learnt when I was visiting some friends a few year ago. It was for the celebration of La Castanyada and I wanted to make it quite a special occasion.

Unfortunately, because of the new lockdown restrictions implemented in England, I hadn’t been able to get out and shop for all the ingredients I wanted.

I was disappointed because I like to put on a good spread and make an effort when I’m cooking a special meal.

In the end, I made the Moniatos as a starter and just cooked a thrown-together paella with the ingredients that I had.

I was never going to cook the ‘perfect’ dish for La Castanyada. Mainly, because I wasn’t cooking alongside my Catalan friends in the kitchen! But also because it didn’t really matter and I didn’t have what I needed.

What I did was make the best of what I had.

I had two choices: give up and sulk because I couldn’t do it ‘perfectly’. Or make the most of what I had and create something (which in the end, turned out to be delicious!) 

When was the last time you made the best of what you had?