Act Fast

(A little story about decision-making from last week)

I’ve been looking for a new laptop since all my uni classes moved online. Unfortunately, my old laptop wasn’t up to the task of having multiple tabs open, being in a Zoom meeting and having to use software all at the same time.

It was a good laptop but isn’t made for this type of learning. Plus, I’m hoping to do some online teaching myself in the future and I need to have the right tools for this job otherwise, I’ll be selling myself short.

I saw that Apple was offering their usual student discount, in addition to a set of AirPods. I was undecided about which laptop to get as I’ve never invested in something like a Mac before, so I had been putting off making a decision.

When I finally decided, I searched on the Apple website for the offer.

I couldn’t find it anywhere.

A quick Google search took me to a newspaper article from when the offer was first announced.

The offer ended on October 29.

As of writing (very annoyed with myself), the day is November 1.

We can delay our decision-making by waiting for a better option. We fear that we might miss out: something new and better will be ‘just around the corner’.

This kind of indecision can stop us from acting. In my case, I could’ve saved myself £150.

What do you do when you have to make a decision? Are you a quick decision-maker or do you weigh up all the options first?