If You Care, They Care

In my experience, the landlords of the student houses I’ve lived in (or my friends have lived in) haven’t cared very much about their properties.

It’s almost as if they’ve resigned themselves to the fact that because students are living there, it will get messy and damaged. They put high deposits in place to try and deter this behaviour. The houses I’ve seen have often been modified to squeeze in extra bedrooms that wouldn’t be in non-student houses.

I’d much rather have a landlord that cares about the house and demands respect for it. If the communication was good from the start – they were upfront about what they expected and what they wouldn’t stand for – they could establish a good relationship with the students.

“If you care, I’ll care. If you look after my property – keep it clean, tidy and undamaged – I’ll look after you and be on hand to sort out any problems you have.”

Only one friend I know has had a landlord like this, but I’m sure there are many out there. They were just a phone call or an email away. The following day, there was a workperson on hand to fix the problem. (They also re-did all the carpets in the house and bought new desks and chairs for the students).

Other landlords take weeks to reply to a simple email.

It’s about respect, relationship and communication.

What did these students do after?  Tell the Others.

This landlord is brilliant. We would certainly recommend them. We wish we could stay with them longer.”

How do you care for the people you serve / work with or for?