Good Homework

Last weekend, I watched the Catalan film Incerta Glòria as ‘homewok’ for my uni module. 

I say ‘homework’ because it was such an enriching piece of work. I learnt more about the Catalan experience during the Spanish Civil War, as well as practising the language.

In my opinion, this is the best sort of homework. I wish I had received more like it throughout my experience in the education system.

It wasn’t obligatory. It most likely won’t ‘be on the test’. There was no tangible reward for watching it.

My point is that when we have the freedom to choose the ‘homework’ we want to do, we learn better. I chose to give up some of my weekend to watch it – not because it was an obligation and not because I will be tested on it next week. 

But because I have a desire to learn and deepen my knowledge.

Isn’t that what the journey of learning should be like?

What was the best homework you’ve ever received?

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