Who’s Looking?

Since starting this online uni semester, I’ve found that I get quite anxious before joining a Zoom meeting. 

I try and make sure my camera and microphone is off before joining. (I don’t want to interrupt and cause a disturbance to the teacher.) Some people tend to have their webcams and mics off for the whole lesson.

I think I worry about what people with think of me. I need to do my hair before the meeting. Make sure my teeth are clean and there’s no food stuck in them. 

Did I wear these clothes last time? (They’ll think I only have one outfit!)

The fact is, everyone is probably worried about how they look. We can fall into the trap of spending more time looking at ourselves and the others in the class and not actually listen to the what’s being said. The reality is also that everyone is probably looking at their own mirrored image to make sure they’re also looking clean, tidy and presentable!

If you’re there to do the work, show up and contribute. Speak up. Go First. You’re braver than most and the class probably don’t care what you look like anyway!

P.S. I’ve written before about this topic, it may be helpful to get dressed up for remote working!