I’ve recently started back at uni and I already seem snowed under with work. The other day, I was explaining to a friend how I can’t believe the contrast in emotions over the past few of weeks. 

The other weekend, I woke up on Sunday morning, thinking: “I am so relaxed right now. I’ve got all my work done and it’s under control.”

The other night, I was lying awake and unable to sleep because I was thinking about how much work I need to do and when I’ll find the time to do it all.

What decisions have I made to allow myself to get to this point within such a short space of time?

I think the more work we have and the harder we work, the more time we need to unwind and clear our heads.

(I have to be careful because ‘unwinding’ can also turn into distraction and procrastination)

However, I need “my time”: time to write, to read, to play guitar, to go for walks and to exercise because otherwise, I can’t think focus and work productively.

How do you manage overwhelm?