Little Victories

When the going is tough and we find it hard to motivate ourselves, it’s even more important to celebrate the Little Victories. 

When we’re struggling to even do anything, we need to remind ourselves we can achieve something each day.

We can lose motivation and think we’re failing because we’re not performing at the same level we used to.

Or we acknowledge the fact that we’re in a funk. We can start moving forwards again by celebrating the little victories each day.

Sometimes, the hardest things to do is get up out and bed in the morning. If you can do this, can you then make your bed? There is two victories already.

It’s not condescending to celebrate the small things in life. We can lose sight of how difficult it can be to get through the day. We are bombarded by the culture telling us that we have to focus on high-achieving and always be striving to improve our status and salary.

At the end of the day, what matters is your journey, no one else’s. And that journey will look very different to mine and the next person’s.

When we can celebrate the little victories, we can begin to find joy in the small things. This can allow us to appreciate and be grateful for the “bigger” things that happen in our lives.

What small victories can you celebrate this week?