A New Form For Fridays

The other week, I wrote about how much poetry has helped me deal with my thoughts and feelings throughout this global pandemic.

I’ve been writing my own since the first national lockdown in England back in March.

I’ve barely shared it with anyone. It was something just for me.

But a few days ago, I shared it with a friend and they asked me why I wasn’t putting it in my blog. (The Lizard Brain is in control!)

Because I think it’s not good enough.

Because I’m scared of what people would think.

It got me thinking about why we struggle so much doing and sharing what we love.

I know it’s not ‘perfect’. I will readily admit that I don’t really know much about poetry.

But I like writing it and reading it. I want to learn more about it. I want to get better.

So why not share it with you?

This is what I’ll be doing once a week from now on. I hope you like it and it gets you thinking (about poetry and what you love doing!)

Raindrops: (Haiku)

Silent tears dripping

Faces pressed against the glass

Children stuck inside

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