Turning What You Love Into Stress

Recently, I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed with my work. Since the delayed start of the new uni semester, both teachers and students have been playing catch up. The teachers, I imagine, have been told to make up for the three weeks of lost time by giving out more work than usual and putting more recorded material online, in addition to our online classes.

I feel like I’m drowning in my studies at the moment and need to be studying at every opportunity. Unfortunately, this has caused me get overly stressed about the things I love doing.

For example, in the summer I got a position on the uni newspaper’s editorial team and have been enjoying writing and editing articles. Now the uni semester has started, the workload has increased because they want to put out the print version of the paper as well.

Also, I signed up for an 11 week extra-curricular online Catalan course and have been asked to do some work again as a Student Languages Ambassador for the School of Modern Languages.

Even as I’m writing this, I know I’m trying to do too much. This is without factoring in my own personal study time for languages such as Online Tandem Exchanges with native speakers and watching Netflix in Spanish, German or Catalan.

Sadly, I’ve allowed the overwhelm to get the better of me. I’ve been turning the things I love doing into an added stress. I feel like I haven’t really got time for them right now and have made them into another stressful obligation I just need to “tick off”.

If we allow these things to take over, we lose our love and passion for them. I admit myself that it feels like the enjoyment has been sucked out of them because they’ve become so stressful. I’ve allowed this to happen and have had to make some hard choices about what to put on hold for the time being.

What strategies do you have to not let your work take away from what you love doing?

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