Two Choices

Last Sunday, the Catholic Church celebrated both the Feast of Chist the King and Youth Sunday. After entrusting the symbols of World Youth Day to a group of Portuguese young people (the next WYD is in Lisbon 2023), Pope Francis shared these words of wisdom:

“Each day, in our heart, we face many choices. I would like to give you one last piece of advice to help train you to choose well. If we look within ourselves, we can see two very different questions arising. One asks, ‘What do I feel like doing?’ This question often proves misleading, since it suggests that what really counts is thinking about ourselves and indulging in our wishes and impulses.

The question that the Holy Spirit plants in our hearts is a very different one: not ‘What do you feel like doing?’ but ‘What is best for you?’  That is the choice we have to make daily: what do I feel like doing or what is best for me?

This interior discernment can result either in frivolous choices or in decisions that shape our lives – it depends on us. Let us look to Jesus and ask him for the courage to choose what is best for us, to enable us to follow him in the way of love. And in this way to discover joy. To live, and not just get by.”

This is something I’ve been wrestling a lot with recently because I’ve not “felt’ like doing very much.

Perhaps, it would be unkind to say I was being self-indulgent in my lack of motivation or desire to do my uni work, reach out to friends and family, but it has certainly not been the “best thing” for me.

Over the coming weeks, I will be reflecting on these two questions each day, as I try to choose what’s best for me.

How do you discern what’s best for you? What will be the best thing for you to do this coming week?