A Generous, Free Gift

Last week, I was out walking with my girlfriend when we came across a farm that was giving away free flowers. There was simply a bucket of bunches and a sign saying: “Please take”. There was no honesty box or request for donations to the charity that run the farm.

After looking around for a few minutes for someone to thank but finding no-one, we took some roses and carried on. Walking home, we got chatting about generosity.

The farm didn’t have to give these flowers away. We would’ve liked to have give them a donation to say thank you, but neither of us carry cash anymore.

But we wondered if we still would’ve taken the flowers if they’d have asked for a donation, of say £5? Would we have ‘bought’ them?

Maybe. But also maybe not because as humans, we want to feel like we’re getting a good deal. We’re happy to take.

Nevertheless, the charity farm didn’t expect anything in return. It was a generous, free gift. One small act that brightened our day and put a smile on our faces.

A generous, free gift that could be appreciated and paid forward.

When was the last time you generously gave something away for free? When did you last receive a generous, free gift?

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